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Boarding and Training
Madrona Ridge Farms

At Madrona Ridge there is always something happening. This is what we offer you

At Madrona Ridge we believe in safety and excellence. All stalls are cleaned and checked for damage daily and our turnout is kept clean and weed free. Our fences are checked regularly to ensure safe turnout.

Boarding is available at $165 a month self care. All you need to do is provide the hay, grain, and supplements.
Full care is also available at $265 a month.

Training and lessons are also available at $20 an hour or $250 a month.

When your horse is in training you will receive one lesson a week on your horse or ours. Horses will be ground trained before they are broken to ensure safety and excellence before they are ridden. There will be a separate fee for showing.

We have 2 farriers out on a regular 8-week program. All horses receive daily turnout unless raining.

Contact Us

For more information about what we can do for your horse and you